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Okay, last time I asked for what I should get on a custom pistol, I got an in depth discussion of match grade barrels versus a lot of training.

With that said, what would you all recommend (without debating the effectiveness of a head shot from a 221 fireball at 950yds with a 12 mph crossind :grin:) as parts to get on a custom pistol.

It'll be in 9x23 & .38 S fitted barrel, wear night sites, have an extended/beavertail/upswept grip safety, extended thumb safety, hard chromed frame and (blank).

What else should the pistol have? Fill in the blank(s), please!

As I said before, it'll be a defensive pistol (ccw) and a range fun gun blaster.

Don't make me get a 50bmg instead!


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LOL Derek, and sorry for being one of those guys that thought you should be able to shoot a fly in the eye at 25 yds. with a handgun on your "other" post!!! :wink:

So what match grade barrel have you decided on? :wink:

Actually, the great thing about building a gun is that YOU can decide how you want it to look. Your choice of caliber is cool, and as long as it runs well, then the rest is just icing on the cake. I agree with the options you've listed so far, except the extended thumb safety. I actually prefer the standard GI size safety with the smaller pad - but that's just me.

I think you will definitely want the trigger to be a nice clean, crisp breaking 4 - 4 1/2 lbs.

How 'bout a dehorning to break those hard edges?

Apparently, some sort of front strap treatment is all the rage these days too. :wink:

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A head shot at 950yds, hmmm...
I do understand that the best .50BMG custom rifles will hit 2.0" @ 1,000..

I was faced with a similar descision, the open Brownells catalog and the desire to build a "custom" gun.
Here is my list:

Preferred gun is a stock SS Springfield or Colt 1911. in 10mm or 9x23mm.

Brown Memory Groove series 80 SS beavertail
Brown SS tactical Ambi safety
Egw SS over size slide stop
Brown SS extended ejector
Brown SS plunger tube
Brown Hardcore SS Hammer and Perfection sear.
Wilson BP firing pin and stop
Aftec extractor
Wilson 2 piece FLGR w/shock buff.
Brown match disconnector
STI strut and cap
Brown mag catch lock
Videcki Series 80 GC match trigger
McCormick tactical checkered mag catch
Brown 30lpi wedge housing
Wolff sear, plunger, mag release, and hammer springs.
Nowlin replacement grip bushings.
Tri Wing grip screws
Ahrends rosewood tactical grips.

Also Heinie or Novak tritium sights,
Barsto match barrel w/ bushing.
25lpi undercut front strap or possibly the "wave from BCP".
Wilson .38Super or McCormick 10mm mags.

Brushed hardchrome finish.

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This is the best advice I know how to give: Defer to the judgement of someone who knows a whole bunch about what you want. With that in mind I would call Dane and discuss with him the things you really want and the things you hate. For example: "I hate shiny pistols and I want it all one color. I want fixed sights with a tritium front post, I want it high cut under the trigger guard and I want some kind of grip treatment on it.... Now Dane, what else would you put on it if it were YOUR gun?". Then just whip out the check book and wait. For this to work you have to start with a smith you trust. But once you get that done just let him pick for you. A cop-out answer I know, but that is truly what I would do. Please let us know what you decide. Jake

We could always get the competition bug right?

How about a Caspian based swanky EGW race gun?

Think, Plan, Train, Be Safe.

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Now we are talking, and not about headshots at BG with 43lbs of reloads on us as if we are Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing! :grin:

In 9x23, I can pick up a NIB Colt at an out of the way shop or should I go with a SA 9mm/.38 S for a conversion or should it be pieced together deal? What is the "better" way to go? I really ain't gonna be competing with it, but I don't want a tricked out Charles Daly either.

Now as for 'smith, it goes without saying that Dane's the man for 9x23.

From every gunrag, to the BBS, to my buddy of buddies Doug Miles; Dane is a MASTER at the 9x23 and schnazzing up 1911s. My buddy Doug (who's in Dane's area) said this "Dane's a true artist" and "If I ever decide to have a tricked out 1911, Dane's the ONLY one I'd consider" (or something very close to that). That's HIGH praise in my mind, Doug is a virtual encyclopedia of gun history and appreciation of pistol artistry.

The only other place that I'm familiar with and actually close to is EGW. I could get there in 40 minutes in fact! I know their quality work in pistols, but how are they with 9x23?

The one advantage to EGW is I could drop the pistol off (should I buy the Colt/SA) and take my Para P12/13 to have that crappy finish on the frame taken care of with some hard chrome (or duct tape or something! that's the only complaint I have about my Paras).

That's a SWEET set of 1911s there. I love those grips on the one by Dane! A great looking pistol with the perfect set of grips.

If I needed a Luke Skywalker phaser blaster, that EGW looks to be the one to get!

I'd like to thank everyone for their time, patience, insight, humor and advice (my secret accomplices that is! :grin:).


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George Smith and EGW are very adept at the 9x23. George builds guns that work in all arenas, competition and street. I have been very happy with EGW. All my guns have shot with no problems. If you look at the patents of the original 9x23 developed by John Ricco, George's name is there.

I do not own the Springfield 9x23, I kept the pic as I really like it I was showing it as an example of Danes work.

He posted it about a week ago and now I am in hot pursuit of one.

I am however scheduled to pick up a custom Colt 9x23/.38Super from EGW this afternoon.

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If you are going to use it for CCW, a Commander size will probably be alot easier to deal with. I'm not sure an aluminum frame would be wise for 9x23, but Dane does make lightweight packages that reduce the weight of steel-framed guns. I'd say go with stainless for minimum hassles and good resistance to rust.

Dane likes Bar-Sto barrels. Actually, ALOT of people like Bar-Sto barrels. I had a Sig P228 with a Bar-Sto barrel and it was very accurate. Dane put one in my Delta Elite that I should get back today. Kart barrels are supposed to be excellent too & there are certainly other good choices out there.

I've used lots of sights & think either Novaks or Heinie Slant-Pro are the best; I have one of each and can't decide which one I like better.

Videcki aluminum triggers seem to be pretty much the consenus choice, though there are probably some other good ones too. Dane added one to my Delta Elite so hopefully I'll get to play with it today.

As far as building from the ground up vs working on a complete Colt, SA or Kimber... if you want the absolute best performance having one built from the ground up from oversized parts (e.g. Caspian) is probalby the way to go, but I'm not sure how MUCH you gain from going that way. Dane favors SA and Kimber, but I have an irrational affinity for Colts. If it is being worked over by a good gunsmith it probably is more a matter of personal taste than anything else as long as you aren't sending in the proverbial Charles Daly or something. :oops:

Getting back to asthetics, this is very silly and irrational but I am a sucker for good-looking rollmarks. To my mind, if you are spending over $1,000 you might as well get EXACTLY what gives you the jollies. In order of preference:

Any old Colt with small lettering and the horse on it
Colt Delta Eite
Colt MK IV Series 80
Kimber's fruity "Kimber" logo
SA's logo on the wrong side of the gun
The "Huge-letter" Series 70
Anything that isn't a 1991A1 :razz:

Since it's a CCW piece you'll at least want it dehorned, or maybe given the out-and-out meltdown treatment. Serrations, scallops or "the wave" are probably better than checkering for this use. You'll want trimmed (or to use the more odious term, "tactical") extended thumb safties so they don't snag on stuff or poke you unnecessarily. The Wilson Combat extended tactical thumb safety seems like the "just right" size for me. YMMV.

As far as beavertials, there are plenty to choose from but Dane has posted some pictures of "minimalist" beavertails that aren't as pretty IMHO but are probably more practical for CCW. For CCW you might also want to consider having Ed Brown give it the "Bobtail" treatment to round off the butt of the gun. Speaking of Ed Brown, many gunsmiths seem to like alot of Ed Brown parts (e.g. thumb safties and beavertails) in general.

Here's a thought: a BCP Grey Ghost commander-sized in 9x23... *drool*

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