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Let's attempt this again

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Okay, last time I asked for what I should get on a custom pistol, I got an in depth discussion of match grade barrels versus a lot of training.

With that said, what would you all recommend (without debating the effectiveness of a head shot from a 221 fireball at 950yds with a 12 mph crossind :grin:) as parts to get on a custom pistol.

It'll be in 9x23 & .38 S fitted barrel, wear night sites, have an extended/beavertail/upswept grip safety, extended thumb safety, hard chromed frame and (blank).

What else should the pistol have? Fill in the blank(s), please!

As I said before, it'll be a defensive pistol (ccw) and a range fun gun blaster.

Don't make me get a 50bmg instead!


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On 2001-07-12 20:44, David DiFabio wrote:
As another idea here is a pic of one of my favorite 9x23 guns built by Dane.

ahem...and mine as well... :wink:
Yowsa! I'm anxious to get a George as well!!!Space ship please...
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