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On 2001-05-10 02:08, JM wrote:
Does anyone on a regular basis keep a long gun in your vehicle?

I am considering keeping a long gun in my truck on a regular basis. The dilema seems to be that my vehicle has a much better chance of being stolen or broken into rather than needing the rifle for self-defense.

What are your thoughts?
You have summed up the problem very well. I would think it depends on one's personal circumstances. I don't like to leave a long gun in the vehicle when it is to be left unattended in a city. I live in a rural area and my vehicle is parked in a fairly secure location when I am away from it so I usulally have one locked in my private vehicle since I might get a call at any time which may require the use of it (like a school shooting or barricated subject - I don't work regular uniform duty these days but I am on call).

While we all know that long guns are much more effective than handguns it is probably a bit of "Walter Mityism" to think we might actually get to use it in normal self defense.

Good question!

Jim Higginbotham
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