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Lou is da MAN!

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I just got a couple of belts from Mr. Alessi and they are FANTASTIC! Worth the wait! Now that my pants are no longer falling down, the biggest challenge is deciding which one to wear. :smile:

Thanks again Lou!
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Ya, ya....you can give that kind of feed back.......

Lucky for me my pants are tight... :grin:
Now see guys, poor Rupert doesn't even have a belt yet, and I feel genuinely terrible about that! He's got me so crazy with orders, that I can't find the time to make him a belt..Truth is I have made him a few belts, but every time I get one done for him, he has an order that just happens to be for a belt in his size, and I send him the belt I made for him.. So,, he keeps selling his own damn belt :grin:
Dane, I cut you a belt Saturday, and I'm gonna stamp your name on the inside in large letters "RUPERT". That way you can't sell it..
I suspecet there aren't many Rupert's on this board anyway :grin:
Peter, Thank you VERY much, and I appoligize for you having to use a rope around your waist for so long!
No sweat Lou. I know you are swamped and I had my wife keep making brownies to help maintain the usefulness of the older belts. :smile:
Ya got a second from me on the issue of Lou being "da man"

That is a Buffaloesque Italian pronunciation of Robert -- which is the first name of a certain Scottish pistolsmith who prefers his middle name. I dunno why Robbie doesn't wanna be confused with the Poet Laureate of Scotland. :grin:


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