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Mags & Base Pads

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I just bought a Kimber Eclipse II and I've seen some recommendations for Wilson replacement mags. My question is, what is the significance of base pads and what type of magazine should be used when? Low profile for carry? Extended plastic base pad for what?

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Base pads originated to help slam home a magazine with certainty. No matter how you reload - slow or fast on the run, a base pad is very helpful.

I like them as they come from Wilson or McCormick already attached to the magazine. In the old days we bought rubber ones and superglued them on or bought cast pads that screwed on.

Carrying a magazine without a base pad in your holstered pistol might make it slightly more concealable.
And, if you practice over cement and do mag changes, plastic or rubber base pads will help alleviate any potential damage that may come from dropping the mag on the pavement. It is cheaper to replace a banged up base pad than an entire magazine.

If you gun has an extended mag well, the base pad may be a real necessity for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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