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Mainsprings (Hammersprings)

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Hi Guys,
I would like to know what tension mainsprings do you use in your 1911's that have tuned triggers (4lbs.) and are used for defense and plinking. I have a Wilson pistol and I am not sure if they use a 19-21lb. spring or a factory standard 23lb. one. Thanks.

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If you are worried about a reduced lock time, use Wolff's (or others like Brown's)lightened springs; they are full length, but of a lighter spring wire. Do not EVER clip a hammer spring to make it lighter. You would need electronic equipment or a spiral graph on a lathe faceplate to measure locktime. I've done both to test titanium parts, and the results are not significant to most shooters.
An easy way around this is to have a reliable trigger letoff of about 3-1/4 pounds or less (of you are qualified to handle this weight)and HOLD the pistol as you squeeze. I defy anyone to detect whether a pistol has reduced spring tension by FIRING it. Obviously, it can be felt when cocking the hammer.
If you want to talk lock time, come see me, we'll go to the range and I'll let you fire my Kentucky flintlock pistol. Now, there's a slower lock time for you! But, if you know how to shoot a pistol, you'll put em in the X.

Don't make excuses, make X's!
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