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Mark Garrity's Holsters

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DD and and some of the other members have commented on my Garrity holsters shown in my custom gun pics.
IMO,I find them to be outstanding and of equal quality to and in most cases exceed anyones holster but priced far below the "standard rates" as Mark is a full time Plice/SWAT officer and does not make his living from his "hobby" rather it is a labor of love.(no offense intended I buy everyone's holsters, Alessi makes the worlds best ankle rig too IMO.)
Mark's been quietly making these holsters for a core group of customers for the last decade, I think I paid for his vette??
Below is a pic of my Woods 10mm in a horsehide pancake, my HK P7 in a red Stingray pancake, a friends model 27 (I don't do .40) in a shell cordovan pancake, and a friends .40 HK USP (sse comment on .40) in a sharkskin pancake, I have commented on the Woods pitol elsewhere on this site, the G27 is mostly stock, the .40 USP is stock, the P7 has Meprolight sights and black T finish.
I am enclosing Mark's contact info and you may consider this an endorsement from me for what it is worth, you could do a lot worse in my opinion, I know I have learned the hard way ($):
Mark Garrity
[email protected]


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Those are ALL very nice....Kinda' favor that Sharkskin myself...


Is that a natural color, or, is that a processed, add-on type color?

Kinda' coral flavored!

Thanks for sharin'...

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The "coral" colored holster is rayskin, not sharksin. That is not a color that exists in nature BTW. I have a black rayskin holster, that has the contrasting whitebackbone running parallel to the entire length of the slide. Pretty cool looking to me. VERY tough material. That is why you don't see much boning done to the material. Nice change from the traditonal black. That "coral" holster would go nicely with one particular Hawaiian shirt I own. :grin:

Here is a link to show you some of the range of colors available.


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Little guns need help too so I thought I would share a pic of my very nice
Garrity Ostrich holster for a CAC cutom Colt Pony.380.
Admit it, we all have little guns because they can be carried in places where real guns can't and since we are already "suffering" IMO we should carry them in style.

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David, at the rate your are using exotic leathers there will likely be several animals that will have to be added to the endangered species list! :wink: :lol:

BTW, I see the Mark has joined us on the list -- a welcome addition to the group.

Mark, if you read this, let me extended a warm welcome. Great to have you aboard!

Thanks for the invite. Just so everyone knows, the "coral" colored P7 rayskin holster
that Mr DiFabio posted a photo of is actually burgandy. In real life it is much darker than the G27 holster it is next to.
Because of the high sheen and opalescence of the beads, stingray photographs lighter than it is, especially with flash photography. Black stingray is truely jet black, but shows up charcol.
And Mr DiFabio, thanks for the flattering promo. I will try to refrain from any self-promotion on this site; figured I'd use it to offer explanations as above and share ideas.
Mark, Welcome! It's nice to see some of the other holster makers join in. By the way, very nice work on David's holsters.
Damn Mark,
I feel slighted, I will await UPS on Monday with my new RED Stingray holster, now to throw away that "awful" burgundy holster and to believe I actually wore burgundy....
Mr Difabio,

You've ordered cordovan from me plenty of
times before. Cordovan, burgandy, maroon,
mahogany, oxblood; six to some - half dozen
to others...
"A rose by any other name..."

Thanks again, David!

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David could you update the link to the photos, some of us new users would like to see examples of Mr. Garrity's work. Thanks.

As stated before, please update the links to the photos, I would like to see Mr. Garrity's work. Thank you.
Will do it this week guys, in the future please email me or private message as I do not check this section reguarly.
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