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Marlin 336 (30-30) 1st Shot ALWAYS High?

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Took two of these fun lever actions to the range today and never eally got off the benchrest.

Was astounded to see, time and time again, that the first shot after loading 'from the mag tube' almost ALWAYS shot 3" to 6" above the next two shots to folow.

I fired all strings by loading 3 (or 4) rounds into the mag tube and thru the side feed port.
Each round was then fed into the chamber by using the lever action.

Quite often (VERY often, actually) the barrel was still hot from the preceding 3 -4 shot string.

I'm wondering:

1. If the dilemma lies in the way the gun is "locking up" differently than immediately after being fired;

2. If there is anyway / anyone who can correct this anomaly.

Damn things are still a blast to shoot steel with! :smile:
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