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Marvel Products .22 Conversion

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Over the years I have bought and sold at least three Colt Ace pistols, Peters Stahl, Kart, and Kimber conversion units and have always been disappointed in the function and/or accuracy. I have finally found a 1911 .22 conversion that has it all. Bob Marvel has a unit that is reliable and accurate and pure fun to shoot. It functions with standard and high velocity ammunition. Check it out at http://www.marvelprod.com. I bought the iron sight and scope mount ribs and use an Omni 4 Dot sight. I also bought the compensator to duplicate my Open gun for practice and Bob made a fiber optic front sight for the iron sight rib. Bob even makes basepads for the converted Ace magazines, as well as a magazine loader. The conversion works with any 1911 frame. If you have ever wanted a reliable and accurate .22 1911, but were disappointed with available units, buy and enjoy one of Bob's units...you will not be disappointed.
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I have had all the others too-Kart, Day, Pachmayr, Ciener, Wilson/Ciener, Colt, Colt-Comp.

I ordered a Marvel last week!

Wish it locked the slide back!

Boy those Karts are nice though, arent they?
Too bad the mags were designed for 5 rds!
I've had mine for about 2 months. Nice quality, but you'll have to use a belt slide-type holster, as its too big to fit in a stocker. Accuracy seems just as they claim. Excellent with high-end ammo, and average with the cheap stuff. Now quite reliable, after putting a few hundred rds through it.
If you buy the unit with the scope mount rib, most any of the race holsters made for 5"-6.5" scoped guns works. I bought a used 009 Safariland and it works well...I will be using it for Action Shooting practice and squirrel hunting! I am buying a second scope mount rib and mounting a 4X Bausch and Lomb for hunting.
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