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It's my first 1911 and has gone through a few changes through the years. Originally a Mil-Spec Springfield Armory model bought back in 1988. It went to Alex Hamilton to be turned into a competitive DCM legal Ball gun. (Tighten and fit slide/match bushing/adjustable sights/trigger job).

I was trying out for the USAF Pistol Team, and was able to make the "developmental" team with it. Though not the actual traveling team, it still allowed me to partake in the free issue of practice ammo.:smile:

Later on (later part of 93) I had Alex Hamilton do the final touches to it..

It's current configuration:

FEATURES: * Electroless Nickel frame and Gun-Kote slide * Slide tightened and fitted to frame * Ejection port lowered and flaired * Wichita adjustable rear sight melted into slide w/ millet dual-crimp front sight * Match bushing and barrel lugs recut for tight consistant lockup * Barrel throated to feed semi-wadcutters and hollow points * Vedecki adjustable trigger * Brown hammer and beavertail grip safety * Crisp 4# trigger job * Front strap checkered 20 lpi and undercut for higher grip * Checkered 20 lpi (arched) mainspring housing * Extended safety, slide stop and mag release * Rosewood checkered grips w/ stainless hex grip screws * Magwell beveled *

Only changes I'll do to it at a later date is have a slimmer more tactical safety fitted and a standard slide stop replace the humongous one currently on it. Also have a fiber optic front site dovetailed into the slide.

Needing some cash to fund a project I'm having Alex Hamilton perform on a Springfield Champion, I listed it for sale. It was deemed odd pistol out since I was shooting my other 1911's more than this one. I took it to the range for one last session with it before selling and came back and quickly removed it from the for sale list. The range session reminded me why I have held on to this one for so long. One of the other 1911's in my collection took it's place on the chopping block to raise the funds.


"I wont be wronged, I wont be insulted and I wont be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them." -- John Wayne *The Shootist*

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