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Anyone shooting this little beastie? One of my favorites but only shot one once. Looking for some reputable feedback on experience with them.

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I tested the MK-9 and MK-40 a couple of years ago and carry it off and on. I have a Sparks pocket rig and an Alessi ankle rig. The 9 is really nice and it the one I carry most often. As with almost everything else, I just don't care for anything in .40 cal. The MK-9 has worked perfect.

For the article Cylinder & Slide slicked one up with Wolf Springs, a trigger job, polished slide, carry bevel, serrations on the top of the slide and baby Novaks.

Ammo chronographed is listed below:

Winchester 115 gr. Silver Tip 1034
Speer 124 JHP Gold Dot 1051
Federal 135 Personal Defense H.S. 951
Remington 115 JHP +P 1103
Remington 124 +P Saber 1065
Winchester 115 JHP +P+ (LE Only) 1186
Federal 115 +P+ (LE Only) 1201
Federal 124 +P+ Hydra Shok 1070

All this from a 3" tube.

I also like the full size (what a misnomer) K-9. It just feels right!!

I also have a Covert .40 which is a cut frame on a full length slide. Was thinking about really trick stuff and wondered how it would shoot if converted to .357 SIG. What a pocket rocket!

Kahr has a good product and really should get more credit than they do.


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I like shooting 45's, 9mm and even 44 mag (in an N frame of course), but I hate shooting 40's. I think that it's a nasty round to shoot. In my Glock, it feels something like a 357 J frame. In a 1911 it feel's better but still, I just don't like it. Sam

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I tried a MK9 as a backup for a while. It was a great shooter! I took some time to knock off sharp edges here and there, but that's all it needed. I did notice the magazine springs tend to take a set, failing to lock the slide back after the last round.

I eventually went back to the airweight J frame .38, finding the MK9 a bit heavy for ankle or pocket.

My wife kept her MK9, and still prefers it over anything else for off duty carry.

One thing is absolutely undeniable about the Kahr pistols...the trigger pull is outstanding!


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Emailed Frank Harris at Kahr with some comments and a question.

Pertinent to the discussion, here's his reply:


Thanks for your feedback and comments.

Yes we are planning "Covert" models of the P9 and P40. They should be
available later in the summer.

Frank Harris
Sales & Marketing
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