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Hey Mike, what a great piece your new Light weight Commander was.

It shot great at first, then Brett thought my +P+ reloads were sort of wimpy and dug out some that he loaded just for the occasion. In fact the first couple of magazines worked sort of good, but I think when it got hot enough to melt Scott's fiber optic front sight we should have stopped for awhile. Mark McJ got a little miffed that he would have to wait so Scott told him to go ahead and shoot it. Mark was practicing the Mozambique drill from his BladeTech kydex and don't you know he drew so fast he couldn't hang on to your mid-bore blaster with all the BBQ sauce and chicken fat on the grips. Thank goodness he was close enough to the target that it hit the cardboard and fell on Brett's boot. (The steel toecap probably saved a toe or two.)
Scott said he thinks that he can get the scratches out of the slide but he'll need to keep it a couple more weeks waiting for the new barrel. (Seems Brett's loads were a little warm).

Anyway we all enjoyed shooting your almost new blaster. Thanks for the opportunity.

See you on the range somewhere.
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