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Ok, so you got them contact points and rub areas all dressed down with a fine stone and your smooth. All your sear and hammer angles are perfect.

To get a mirror finish on all those places, if your so inclined this is the best way I know of.

I use 14,000 or better yet 50,000 diamond grit mixed with some vaseline. You can buy it in a lapidary supply shop. 5 carat vials are cheap. You need a power tool like a Dremel and some felt bobs, and a mandrel to hold the bobs. Run the bob relatively fast, and don't overheat the part. Just take it easy and the heat is no problem.

The nice thing about this method, you can't take off too much material or change angles. If you take off .0002" to get bright, that would be a lot. The grit is too fine for that. You probably would only polish burrs so make sure they are all gone.

Try it on the trigger bow first to get a feel for what your doing.

Wipe and clean it all off of course. However, even if there is some left it won't harm anything, too fine to muck up the works.

Other products work also, but this is the best and fastest I have found.

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