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Cooper's Corner had a comment (which I don't have in front of me to quote) to the effect of "contrary to J Browning, the grip safety isn't useful.." or something like that.
From what I recall of the development of the 1911, the grip safety was an addition to make the military trials, not something Browning designed for the gun. (the 1905 was also hammerless IIRC)
The Hi-power is the same way, in that he designed it as a single stack striker fired pistol(though he never finished it)
The truely important parts of the guns (in teh evolution of guns IMO) was the actions, the swinging link and the Browning recoil lugs.
Heck, if he were alive today, Browning probably would have invented/ be carrying a Glock :smile: (or at least the HK VP70)

Just a random thought.
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