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My first semi-custom - yeee-haaa

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I found a Wilson CQB at a gun shop about an hour from here. Bought it over the phone based on information from this site. Tonight I drove up, did the paper work, and put a few rounds thru it before it got locked up for the background check.

I'm so happy I'm crying. I've never shot a semi-custom before, let alone owned one. It's incredible. There is nothing like it.

I knew something was different when I got the response from the staff. I walked in and found a clerk. I said there was a gun set aside for me that I bought over the phone. The guy asked my name. No else behind the counter took notice. The clerk couldn't find anything so he asked what I bought. When I said a CQB everything stopped. I was getting "Oh wow" and "Man those are nice" and "I wish I could buy one" and "I've never been allowed to shoot one."

I was getting pretty excited. While I was filling out the paper, one of the supervisors offered me a free box of factory ammo if I'd let him shoot a magazine full. I was so tickled about the whole thing I let him and the clerk have a try. After me, of course.

They were not disappointed. The incredible part was the trigger. For me it is like shooting my air pistol. I get the sight picture and I 'will' the shot placement and that's where it hits. I have never experienced that with a true firearm.

Are there other great customs out there? Probably, but I don't care.

I got mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats, there is nothing like owning a Wilson or equivlent. I finally got mine a few months ago. I have had a few other 1911's but nothing like Wilson's. But my problem is now I want a full custom. Enjoy your new play toy.
Welcome to the club. It's easy to see why there's such a fuss about the custom 1911 by those in the know (LE/Mil/Competition/Carry/Etc) once you handle one.

When I was introduced to custom 1911's and IPSC by gunsmith and ISPC shooter Kurt Jantzen of Vancouver, WA. At the time, I already had a Delta Elite. I remember him remarking that he had once owned Berettas, Sigs, Glocks, etc. but had sold them all and had only custom 1911's. I've pretty much taken the same route: Beretta, Sig, HK, S&W, Glock . . . sold all but the Glocks (bossman says no 1911 for work) and now have fewer guns, but they are so much more satisfying.

You lucky -dog-!!!

Enjoy...but put up pictures!

Sure, I can't get the gun until 11/12 20:40.

That's not for another 107 hours, 49 minutes - but who's counting.

Sure I'll post the pictures, not as pretty as some of the customs I see on this site. Say I'll run a few hundred rounds thru and post the picture of a dirty CQB on a stack of empty shells. That'll be a change of pace.

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