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My thoughts on Dane Burns

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Those of you that are considering the artistry of a custom pistol craftsman, need look no further than Dane Burns. He built a custom Kimber Compact for my wife that, in her words, fits her like a glove, and her results prove it. The custom metal work is incredible and most importantly it ALWAYS works with whatever it is fed. Add to that, Dane just worked on a Springfield TRP for me. Nothing sexy, just a trigger job. Well, hardly just a trigger job...this pistol started out with a 8lb factory pull (yes, not a type...8lbs) and now breaks like silk on glass at 4lbs. This really changed this pistol from being one that I like to one that I love. Turn around time was unbelievable (5 days) and you can't find that type of quality for the price anywhere. I can't recommend Dane enough. If you aren't familiar with him, you can find him at http://www.burnscustom.com

A picture of my wife's pistol can be found at http://www.pistolsmith.com/viewtopic.ph ... &forum=6&2
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After viewing Dane's artistry here, I knew he was the person to turn my Commander from a sows ear into the proverbial silk purse.:smile: I agree with Dane on classic and simple modifications to 1911's which helped in making the decision.

As I just dropped off the pistol last month, I'm still in the waiting stage. I have no doubts that I will be extremely pleased with the finished product.
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