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I have been thinking the exact same thing over the last few days. I am thin, so the traditional pancake type holsters (and their offspring) can be too long in the fore so as to easily expose their front slot to prying eyes. The normal ACP and the new ACP-ish design with the snap that Mr Burns posted awhile back both look interesting. (Does that one have a name yet?)

My only quandry is that I was going to buy a buffalo-hide rig from Mr Waldon. Matching colours and things would be a real pain (I don't want black), so I think I am going to see if he can build me a fifteen degree canted 'tunnel and loop' holster with a few other additional custom touches. I promised not to bug him with any more emails for a little bit though, so I am going to have to wait to find out. :smile:

(buzz, about that USPc, do I need to hurry up and get those pictures developed, or are you looking more locally?)

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