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I am looking for a little feedback from anyone in the NE section of PA. For reasons relating to my work, I will be moving my family to the Binghamton, NY area before the summer is out. Now, having been born in, and based in VT for of a good portion of my life, I am less than excited about going to NY. A few days ago, we were offered the opportunity to purchase a home in the Hallstead/Great Bend area of PA. I won't be able to go look at the area for at least three weeks from now, so can anyone out there tell me a little about the area?


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Not a lot different than what you are used to.
There are some hills, the fall colors are great.
There is a pretty good gun shop betseen Great Bend and Montrose.
There is a shooting club about 20 miles east of Binghamton, and another good one south in Factoryville.
Pa has a 'right to carry' law, no problem getting a permit unless you are a fellon or insane.
I shure wish these chat sites had spell checkers.
Plenty of deer, bear, rabbits, grouse. We even have an elk season this year!
Lots of places to fish.
Elk mountain has good skiing between Great Bend and Scranton. Easy to get to down I-81.
All my neighbors have a shooting range in the back yard.
Send me an email if you have a particular question.

I spend a great deal of my time in the NY VA,and DC area and unfortuneatly I do not get as much time to go up north as I would like.
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