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Looking for some advice. I am selling my first handgun to someone I don’t know and will probably be shipping it. So if you have done this, what I would like to know, who did you use for shipping, from what state to what state, and how much did it cost. thanks

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Federal law says that you as an individual cannot MAIL a pistol through the US Post Office.
Only licensed FFL Dealer can mail pistols.
Since they can mail a pistol much cheaper then any other method, if you have a friendly FFL Dealer who'll mail it for you and won't scalp you on the price, you can save some real money.

As for shipping yourself:
You are allowed to ship a pistol to a FFL Dealer in another state. There has to be an FFL Dealer involved on at least one end of the deal.
So, you'll need to either have your Dealer ship it, or you'll need to have the person on the other end send you a signed copy of his Dealers license.
You cannot just ship the gun to the buyer unless he's an FFL Dealer or you have your Dealer ship it.
You have to ship it to the address on the FFL Dealers license, NOT TO THE BUYER.

To ship you need to use either UPS or Fed-Ex.
Both have special rules for pistols that require shipping via the fastest method of Over-Night.
This is to prevent having the gun in their system for longer than absolutely necessary.
Bluntly, this is to prevent their own people from stealing the gun.
Shipping via over-night is expensive. Price will vary depending on where you're shipping from and where it's going to.
Prices usually cost around $50 to $80, possibly more or less, depending.
The best thing to do is call UPS and Fed-Ex and ask the price.

You cannot ship through a UPS Store, which are not owned by UPS.
These UPS Stores will NOT ship a firearm.
You'll need to take the box to a UPS or Fed-Ex Depot to ship.

Some pointers:
Be prepared for the UPS or Fed-Ex counter person tell you that you can't ship the gun.
Often their own people have no idea of their own company's rules.
Just ask to speak to a supervisor and work your way up the ladder until you get a person who knows the company rules and accepts the shipment.

If you're shipping to his FFL Dealer, take the license he sent you with you to the shipper so you can prove a FFL Dealer is involved.

Some dumb people tell the shipper the box contains "machine parts" or something else so they can ship at cheaper prices.
Federal Law requires that you tell the shipper it contains a gun.
Second, if the box is lost, stolen, or the gun is damaged, the shipper will pay you NOTHING, no matter how much it was insured for.
Since you lied to them, you broke the legal contract with them when you shipped under false pretenses.
They will pay you nothing since you defrauded them and violated the contract.

Make up a card or paper with your name and address, the FFL Dealers name and address, and who the gun is for, and put it and the gun in a plastic bag TOGETHER.
This is so if it's lost or damaged, they can determine who it's going to.

Wrap the gun like Godzilla was going to use it for a football.
Make sure there's no possible chance the gun or it's box can shift in the outer box and get damaged.
Use newspaper or other shipping material to wedge the gun in the middle of the outer container so it can't possibly shift and come in contact with the outer box.

Use shipping tape, not Duct tape or other tapes.

Use clear shipping tape to tape a shipping label on the outside of the box.

So, you have to ship UPS or Fed-Ex at a Depot.
You have to send it to the FFL Dealers license address, NOT TO THE BUYER.
You have to tell them it's a gun.
You have to ship Over-Night per their rules.
Cost will most likely be between $50 and $80 dollars.
Wrap it really well.
Put identification with the gun.

Be prepared to ask for a supervisor to get them to ship it.
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