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New 1991A1 Observations

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I saw a brand new 1991A1 and noticed some obvious cosmetic changes that make it look ALOT better:

1. Completely new rollmarks. Instead of the gigantic, ugly "1991A1" rollmark, it looks like a nice, classic Colt marking with small, neat letters. It reads:

Government Model
.45 Automatic Caliber

With the pony immediatley to the right, so it kind of looks like a small-lettering Series 70.

2. The finish looked ALOT nicer. Instead of uniformly coarse parkerizing it was a nice flat black with brushed slide flats. Not quite "Royal Blue" but definitely alot classier than older finish.

These were the only two changes I noticed, but they make the gun look ALOT more appealing. All it needs are some good wood grips to look nice, and would make a VERY attractive base for a custom pistol IMHO.

This is a 180 degree change in my point of view, I think the old 1991A1 looked so appalling that I'd NEVER consider buying one.
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thats a shame you kept some lettering keep you from owning a fine piece of american hardware; get one now and enjoy.
I beg to differ. Colt were fools for making their gun so willfully ugly, and I try not to reward people for being fools. Anyway, I already own a BETTER piece of American hardware, a Colt Delta Elite. :grin:

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That is M1911A1 not the 1991A1 that you saw,I just went to the Colt web site and there it was looking just like the one you decribed. Said something like its supposed to be a faithful reproduction of the original or something like that.
(EDIT)The web site states that it features:
-Pre Series 70 firing system
-Lanyard loop on arched serrated main spring housing
-Original WWII rollmarks
-Parkerized finish
-Steel trigger
-Widespur hammer, safety and slide stop with original serrations
-Two magazines
-Original style packaging (Box/wax paper)
Production started in June 2001 and they are scheduleing only 4000 units for production.
Oh how I love the smell of burnt powder in the morning............and the afternoon.........and the evening.......oh well you get the point.

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Bonehead, the new production 1991's are what the topic starter is talking about. They did change the mark, finally.

The 1911a1 is a whole different animal.
I wasn't confusing the two, there was a 1911A1 reproduction right next to the 1991A1. Bonehead, if you paid attention you would see that what I described didn't fit the 1911A1 reproduction anyway.

Say "pop," over... :grin:

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I think the new 1991's look great also. Another addition is that they have 3 dot sights (though, the dots seem to fall out too often, they're only white paint :smile: and they have stainless barrels as of a year ago (or less).

They ALSO have the 1911a1 reproduction, which is also neat, but a different, more expensive gun.
OK so I was wr.....wro......wrroonggg.....wrong :smile: .Well what can I say it was getting late or was it early...when I read that and the brain wasn't quite working right (seem to be a repeative problem for me atleast :smile: )

-As far as the new roll marks go ,thats a good thing they changed them would have to improve the looks of them. Sounds like I need to get to the gun shop and catch up (it's a hour drive to the nearest REAL gun shop,which sucks in the most major way :sad: ).

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This is what a new Colt 1991A1 looks like:

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I've got a question. Why is it "COLTS" instead of "COLT" on the new rollmark? On the XS models the rollmark is "COLT". Just being nitpicky.
I'm guessing because some older Colts had "Colt's" written on them.
...does look much better...I have to say I hadn't noticed on every Colt the 's or not...Geez...Now I'll have to go look at all of them!!!

...CB you did that on purpose
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Thanks for picture it was cheaper than driving to the gun shop :grin: .
I think now I'll have to look into getting one of them to start a build up on(or should I say have a pistolsmith start a build up on),as long as the new stainless models have the same rollmarks. I'd have to admit that the previous rollmarks is what kept me from getting one before, just couldn't stand the huge 1991A1 on the slide.
How is the reliability of the new Colt 1991A?

Mine has a 5" barrel. Tight, very accurate and feeds every thing with ease. I don't care whats printed on the slide ( I must not cause I bought one) its a keeper.
On 2001-10-25 13:05, Paten wrote:
I've got a question. Why is it "COLTS" instead of "COLT" on the new rollmark? On the XS models the rollmark is "COLT". Just being nitpicky.
It's a legally binding rollmark, they're stating that the gun belong's to Colt, and you're just renting it, not purchasing it...
Damn, there's something very classic and "retro" about that rollmark...Might just have to have one. Woulda been cheaper than my new KZ-45 - but I don't have to worry about denting the dust cover by dropping it on an oak table and floor like I did my Les Baer.

I like the new Wundergun, but looking at that picture of the new Colt, I might just have to step back to the 'Thirties.

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My 1991, SS, 5 incher is as nice as I would want, perfect in every way. Slide centered on the frame, no blemishes, anywhere. Shoots great, never a miscue. I dont care for the all black sights (what did we do in the old days?) And there is an ever so slight "click" upon take-up, but its still kinda new. I glass beaded the flats on the slide, as the total sandblast job is unappealing to me. Glad I got it, for keeps.
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