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new auto ordnance 1911s

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Has anyone seen the new 1911s by auto ord since kahr has taken over...I've been told they are a lot nicer and that kahr actually machines their own parts. It is supposed to have the retro GI look too...anyone?...anyone?
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The new issue of Combat Handguns just did a write-up on this gun. I too was curious if anyone out there has any experience with them. Kahr has several of their guns on the approved list for sales in California. I hope they submit their AO 1911.

EERW According to a sales rep. at A-O/Kahr the frame and slide of the .45' are cast. I also learned that some of the frames and slides are made in Spain but he would not say by who. Most of the other parts are also cast to keep costs down. He also said that in the future A-O will offer a barstock slide at higher cost. One more thing. The rep. said that A-O generally followed Jerry Kunhausen's dimentional recomendations.

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i checked out the ao 1911's at the nra conference over the weekend and they are pretty sweet! regular gi look which was a good thing. the reps said it was much better quality since kahr took over production and changed the manufacturing process.
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