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I first posted this at the 1911Forum and thought some over here might want to know about this.

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Had it for three weeks - put a little over 600 rounds through it to break in and get the feel. Then sent it off to Ned Christiansen for some carry mods - that's when I got the bad news from Ned.

just received your Colt Defender and immediately unboxed it to have a look. Sorry to say something jumped right out at me that while tiny in size, is a major problem. It's in the magazine catch.

I noticed right away that the mag catch lock was sticking out too far. Looking closely, I could see that the small lug on the lock was not in its retaining groove as it normally would be. I took it apart and I find that this tiny lug is too short, minimizing its engagement. Making matters worse , the lug's outer surface is out of square, making it
shorter yet. This might have gone by OK in a steel frame, but in this aluminum frame, the lug has acted as a broach and is cutting a channel to the outside of the frame, powered by the mag catch spring and no doubt aided by recoil pulses and mag catch actuation. In a very short while it will break out, at which point it will no longer retain a
magazine, will fall out, and become lost. The channel is already such that replacing the mag catch lock will not fix it. I have never seen this in any frame before, aluminum or otherwise. Sometimes people will
not get things lined up right when reinstalling this part and round-out
the lead-in to the groove, but there is no evidence of that on this gun and anyway the results of that misalignement are never so pronounced or damaging as what this gun has. Theoretically it could be welded, or some material peened into the damaged area, but those are not first choices by any stretch. Especially since the gun is practically brand-new, I believe this should be a Colt warranty issue.
A quick call to Colt and they said "Send back" - Hopefully, the turnaround will be quick and then Ned can started on the real work. Here's a couple of pics he sent:

-- Chuck
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