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My dealer got my SSC in today from Davidson's; it is a new 1911 model in .40 S&W from Dan Wesson. Here are my initial impressions:

Fit & finish- this is a beautifully made pistol. The fit is typical DW tight. The sharkskin grips (look like stringray to me which is a member of the shark family) really set the pistol apart; they seem abrasive to the touch, but when shooting make for a non-slip hold and are quite comfortable. Small parts are high grade Ed Brown (GS & TS) and Grieder (SS). Trigger pull is perfect, a crisp 3 1/2 lbs. The barrel bushing is so tight you definitely need a bushing wrench to turn it. The magwell is a nice touch. Mags appear to be Metalform with a spacer at the back.

How it shoots- fired 100 rounds consisting of Fed. Am. Eagle (mild), WWB (fairly hot) and some of my 180 gr. plated FP loads (moderate). Recoil is mild except with the WWB where recoil is noticeable but not harsh. Smooth action, no hickups and great accuracy (offhand at about 10 yards). I did have one FTF which I feel sure was mag related since it was when I tried a 10mm Metalform mag. Except for a couple of flyers (my fault) everything was going into a couple of ragged holes (the Federal went right about to point of aim; the WWB and my loads a little higher). BTW I love the front orange fiber optic sight. I'll follow up when I get a chance to give the pistol the real workout it deserves.

Two minor points: 1. in fieldstripping the pistol I couldn't get the slidestop out 2. I need to replace the full length guiderod with a GI rod and plug as a matter of personal preference.

In summary, I love this pistol. Keith and the rest of the DW crew came up with a real winner here; and I can't help but feel that they gave some special attention to this model.
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