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Hello Jim,
I guess you won't be interested in me posting questions related to my on- going experiments with hard ceramic plates either:)

Oh, well. I kinda figured I'd be doing my own research work anyways. And I agree wholeheartedly about the anti-gun fascists using it against us. They tend to be an anti-fun bunch. And I've pretty much figured that with the M9 and issue FMJ ammo, everybody's getting Mozambiqued, so soft armour isn't an issue.(for everyone who isn't in on the joke, I'm military and have conversed with Mr Higginbotham on this topic before. In fact I'm probably the immediate cause of that statement due to answering a post on the IDPA list. I seem to amass esoteric information.)

I look forward to interesting discussions.

I carry the 10mm Delta Elite with 175gn Silvertips when I have the option, which isn't often, unfortunately. Semper Fidelis...Ken M

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