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Hi Jim: I must admit that up the time i enter this forum, i don't know about you. Don't take it personally, as i am from another country, Argentina, so everything mi knowledge of the real ones comes via magazines and publications (i will post a subjet about it in the off topic forum). Well, for all i read in this forum, you certainly know and can give an authorized opinion about ammo election. Here, we don't have the posibility of carry JHP amunnition, we are limited only to FMJ ammo. Actually, the bann will cause you more administrative problems than penal, and i carry JHP. But you never know, and you can have a real problem in your hands in the most unexpected moment. All that introduction, is only to ask you what do you think about the 357 sig as a carry ammo, especially FMJ. I have to tell you that i like the 357 sig a lot, and i think i shoot pretty well with it (have a Sig 229, Glock 31 and 32), but the same can we said about the 9mm, 40 and 45. Don't think i am a very good shooter, please, but yes an average shooter that take the personal defense seriously, and because of that i am very concerned about overpenetration. And i know overpenetration is a factor when you shoot FMJ. Well, thank in advance.
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