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Hello. I'm writing to you from Chile.

My father has in his vault, who knows for how long, a Colt 1902 gun that I would like to get more info on. Can you help me figure out its origins please?

What puzzles me about this gun is the serial number. From what I gather serial numbers consisted in 5 digits located on the left side of the gun, but this gun has 6 digits!!. Its serial number is placed on the right side of it, above the trigger. It is #180911

The other interesting fact about this gun is that it is not .38ACP, but 9mm. From what I've been able to find out, our Navy acquired these guns back in the day and asked for 9mm instead. I do not know if the change was made at factory (in the US), or here in Chile. I have fired the gun many times. The barrel is almost new. Limited recoil, as opposed to firing a regular 9mm.

Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

Don't know how to attach a PDF file I have with 3 images I took

Good day!!
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