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As you know H&K has a new 45 ACP carbine called the "USC" (Universal Self-loading Carbine with a 16 inch barrel. As the 45 ACP does not gain a whole bunch of velocity in a longer barrel (as compared to "magnum type" pistol rounds like the 357 and 44) I am wondering if this carbine can handle the 45 Super, 45 Triton SMC or 460 Rowland. If so, this might make a fine high powered defense gun. Any thoughts?

I purchased my first USC in July of 2000 and to date it has over 45,000 rounds through it.
In the manual HK does explain that it is perfectly safe to fire +P rounds for extended use and .45 Super rounds for a limted duration.

I used up an entire case of early Triton .45Super ammo in my USC and it continues to function with amazing regularity.

I rarely clean the rifle and will ussually hose it out with gun scrubber and leave it fully assembled.

As to .45acp velocities the Hornandy 230gr+P averages 1,045 fps and the Winchester Ranger T averages 1,060fps from the 16" barrel.

It is a great carbine, very handy and accurate. The one shortcoming is the limited magazine capacity.....
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