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I got home today to find the Holster Elf had visted me during the day. (I would say 'Leather Fairy' but here in Atlanta that might give folks the wrong impression! :wink: ) Anyhow, I just got my latest Hideout, this one for my Kel-Tec P11. It is without a doubt the most comfortable holster I've ever used with the P11. The stitching, molding and the design are excellent!

Lou can confirm that I am concerned with the smallest details. Heck, I'm a self-described nit-picky bastard! It's pleasing to me to see the result when a master craftsman sets about to solve a problem in the most elegant way possible. Sure any Hideout is a big old hunk of leather and if it's used right only you and your significant other will ever know what it looks like. But Lou places his lines of stitching in such a way that not only outlines the pocket that holds the gun (and double stitches that outline as well) but also lends a smooth flowing quality making something utilitarian admirable. This Hideout is all that I expected it to be and my standards have been continually raised by my patronage of Alessi Holsters. I'm just another happy customer!


"All cats are gray in the dark" - Benjamin Franklin.

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