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Nice Custom Hi-Powers

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One of my favorite P-35s I have seen in a while, is one owned by member BK. This is such a tastefully done pistol. I am not a fan of beavertails on BHPs, so this sort of custom pistol has a lot of appeal to me. The pistolsmithing was done by Kurt Wickmann. Got a favorite? Post a pic!


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Thats a dam nice Hi-Power.
Thanks DD and 38 Super! That one is my pride and joy. I have enjoyed this HP almost as much as I did working with Kurt on this project. DD, I agree 100% about HPs and beavertails- totally ruins the lines of one of the most graceful pistols ever designed and built.
Here are my two BHP's:

The top one is one of the black paint guns from circa '92 done by Bruce Gray. The bottom one is a 1969 Belgian that I bought in 1985. Back then only Cylinder and Slide or Swenson really did these guns, and the collective guess over the years was C&S. Great shooter, but pretty much retired now.

The long trigger reset of the BHP makes it a hard transition for me, so I only shoot them occasionally.
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Beautiful high power, let me know if you have a need for some extra money in your pocket as I have a need for that Hi Power.
Here is a BHP that Jim Gathwaite did for me. It's kinda cool in that it was produced in the transition time when they were just moving production to Portugal. I'm told that FN essentially hand-fitted these because they wanted to make sure quality didn't suffer.

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I had almost forgotten about that Hi-Power. It is also a favorite other guys gun. :roll: I like Heinie's sight picture best, so this BHP suits me just a smidge more than my other favorite. Although, I suppose I could live with BKs Novak sighted lil' beauty. :wink:

Would you mind telling us a little more about what work Jim did for you? Anything you would do different, were you to do it again? TIA.


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DD, Jim built up the ambi safeties, got the trigger to a pretty crisp (by BHP standards)4lb, stippled front strap & MSH, shaved the hammer so it wouldn't bite, added Heine sights, and that's about it. As you can see from the test target (shot offhand at 20 yards), it performs pretty well. As to what I'd do different, not one thing. Garthwaite is at his best when left alone and I've never come up with a negative comment on any project he's done for me.
This is my favorite. It's from the Cylinder & Slide web page. If it had Heinie's instead of Novak's, it would be perfect.

You can add me to the list of folks who prefer stippling on a HP and chekering on a 1911. Here is a closeup of the above gun.

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I have one of these, w/o the ambi safety and mag well and the gun is finished in Black-T.
the Novak sight is the bigger one with 3 dot tritium.
anyone want to buy it?
I think a beavertail on a BHP can look and feel great. FWIW, here's a link to my album of customized BHP's that I'm in the middle of moving it off of Photopoint's servers to Zing.
let's try this: My BHP from Jim Garthwaite.....

Obviously this ain't working. Soimeone please B/C me and give me a refresher class.... Thanks,

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Try reading through the instructions here. If you need more help, send me a private message and I will walk you through it.

Man, those are some sweet pics!

Anybody have a link for Novak or another great custom HP shop??

I'd like to get some pics for future reference.
I'd also add Kurt Wickman: http://www.kwgw.com and Cylinder & Slide: http://www.cylinder-slide.com as good Hi Power shops.
Air Born, Air Assault, and what is your other function badge? Am I on the money or off with my guesses?

you're right:master blaster; air assault; and combat diver.

They tend to make people overlook the pistol - I'll have to stop doing that!!!
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