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Nowlin 9x23 ramped barrel?

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Do any of you guys have any experience with the Nowlin 9x23 barrel and bushing ("match" grade 1911)? I know his guns/barrels have a reputation for accuracy; but, I have no first hand experience with any of his barrels. Actually, I've never owned a 1911 with anything more than a "production" grade barrel so your guidance is not only appreciated but needed. Take care.
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Hobbes,I have a Nowlin 9x23 barrel.It shoots great.But mine does not have a ramp and it is commander size.I would say it is the most accurate barrel I have used in all the 1911`s that I have ever shot.
38 Super: I really appreciate the information. Now all I need is some cash. Take care.
I Have three Nowlin barrels in service, with a 4th being fitted right now. They shoot just as well if not better than my Barsto. I was able to find them in stock at Brownells in a reasonable length of time. I did have to wait on the batch of .40 6" bbls to get made however. I am extremely happy with them, but I will also try Schumann bbls on my next project from what I have heard. Good luck on your 9x23. That will be ONE of my next projects ;0) Be safe, DougC
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