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Nowlin Guns ???

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I have seen many comments regarding the quality of Nowlin barrels, hammer-sear sets, and Nowlins in 9x23 etc., but never a comment about the Nowlin .45 ACPs....

How do they compare in quality, performance, and reliability to the other brands ???

Regard :smile:
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Plain and simple they build good 1911s. Their barrels are accurate and the pistols run well. Can't go wrong with a Nowlin 1911s
they will far outshoot the average person for that matter most top flight shooters.
Ditto to what abnranger said.
Thanks for the replies.
Why are the quality of their parts so well known, but so few own their guns ???

( I am considering purchasing one - That
is the basis for this topic )

Thanks !!! :smile:
I shot one of his 40's. Nice gun. While I was at the nationals I had the opportunity to talk to him about his guns. Real nice guy with a very good product. Well made pistols.

I think I may have One in the near future :smile: :smile:

Best !

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