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Chris, I have used OC on two occasions, both times it only escalated the situation to where a liberal application of ASP was required. On one particular individual, I ended up using almost a full can and the only effect was him getting more pissed off. OC hurts, and it makes it hard to see and breath very well, but it doesn't do shit to stop a determined individual, IMHO. If they're close enough to OC, then they're close enough to hurt you without the need for perfect vision.

I've been OC'd over a dozen times in training and I'm simply not impressed with any type of OC. Some brands are far "hotter", but none of them will prevent an attack, IMHO.

On the flip side, I've found it a real bitch to deal with a guy covered in OC. Yuck.

Time spent using OC is time wasted, IMHO.

I'm a big fan of impact weapons, although in some LE settings this can be a big hassle.

Some knowledgeable guys really like OC, so what do I know? YMMV :smile:
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