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Oh how I hate waiting

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Dont you just hate waiting for a holster.
I know its worth the wait, but I still hate it. I cant wait for my Alessi Watch Six to show up in the mail. The funny thing is I have decent holsters to carry my carry gun in but I want the new rig. I guess I just like holsters.
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Matt, Good news, Your holster was finished today. I just got home from the shop, and yours was one of the holsters that got finished. It will be shipped Monday.
Let me know how it works..
Thanks for the business. :grin:
This seems to work,
I really hate waiting for belts..?
Well, whataya know..I stitched your belt today along with Matt's holster, and a whole lot of other belts too..Your belt will probably be shipped on Tuesday, after having the finish applied Monday..
How's that for service? You must be a mind reader David. :grin:
Since the questions are being asked, how are the GWH holsters coming? Got a nice belt but its still lacking that nice holster.

I got a bunch of ACPs in shark trim this week and I am told more shark and LOTs (all on back order) of GWHs next week :grin:

Right, Lou ?
Look guys, I told you, either Lou or someone in his organization is a precognitive genius. Just as soon you start to think about whining and nagging you find out that your holster is already in the hands of the USPS!
I just e-mailed Lou about my Watch-6 Dual Talon earlier this week, and mine is in the batch going out Monday, as well!

Boy, oh boy! I can hardly wait!

Dane, Yup,, your stuff is in the group of holsters we are working on also. Man I sure got a lot of sewing to do! :grin: Now I wish I would have become a gynacologist. Then my job wouldn't have been so hard on my hands..
Uh......"Stirrup" work instead of Hand Boning.......?
You'd have been way under appreciated I think, Lou!
You know I really hate waiting to buy a new car too. I was thinking something along the lines of a Dodge Ram?
Thanks Lou thats good news for me:)
Should I bother asking about MY belt Lou?

An Italian made holster, an Italian made gun, gotta have an Italian made belt to hold it all up. Si?
Vladimir, I think your belt is figured into next weeks production.
Thanks very much for that order.
On 2001-07-08 23:01, Louis F. Alessi wrote:
Now I wish I would have become a gynacologist. <snip>
It could be worse. Have you ever left work thinking "I never want to touch another piece of leather"? :wink:
On 2001-07-10 21:32, georgek wrote:
On 2001-07-08 23:01, Louis F. Alessi wrote:
Now I wish I would have become a gynacologist. <snip>
It could be worse. Have you ever left work thinking "I never want to touch another piece of leather"? :wink:

Good point! I never looked (no pun intended) at it quite that way.. :grin:
And waiting, and waiting.
If only the UPS man would show........
David, Your belt went out yesterday, but you should also have received the CQC/I holster for the Steyr M pistol. That went out last week..Let me know if it didn't get delivered.
The worst part of waiting for me, is that I cannot carry that new pistol until the leather arrives. I was really lucky last time though, I called Sam Andrews to ask him to make one of his exellent McDaniel II IWB holsters for my new Browning .40. He just happened to have one he finished that very day, and shipped it over night. Now if that full flap holster for my .44 Smith Mountain gun would show up before my week long hike......
Well I got my watch six today and the pocket holster last week . My wait is over until I get the itch to get another Alessi holster ( maybe that new design we have been waiting for,howbout it Lou? ).
Lou you are a first class Gentleman and the holsters are first class, the cordovan color and the smell and fit are great.

There's no doubt about it.

ShortBrother is a mechanic and there are four cars in his back yard in various states of repair. This in addition to his van and his wife's car. My Sister-in-law says it could be worse... he could have been a gynecologist.


"All cats are gray in the dark" - Benjamin Franklin.

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