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Before beavertails, the factory grip safeties were cut on top to accept the Comander hammer contour..Then came the colt drop in beavertails{actually after some of the early ones like the hoag]; the Colts looked like hell but did distribute recoil.

Swenson used a "barrel positioning stud" to facilitate consistent lock up.. This was welded on the inside the slide on the upper left, opposite the ejection port. The barrel, when in battery, pressed against it. Don"t know how long he used this technique, but
I"ve seen it on several guns.

Safeties were welded up and slidestops the same{but WHO would want an extended anyway??????}

S&W sights were used by Swenson and Bud Price , as well as others..Kings sights were alsopopular as were hoags, these were blocky and very functional but not nearly as asthetic as the S&W treatment.
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