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Opinions about CZ firearms

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I've been seeing posts about CZ firearms pop up here and there so I bought one at a really right price. A CZ 83(380 ACP) and it sure is fun to shoot. Do others here have experience that they would care to share. Good or bad makes no difference. I'm particularly interested in the .45 doublestack model.
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I have a 75d compact PCR that I carry occasionaly. It is one heck of a good gun. I think CZ gives you the best value for dollar out there.
Hello. I've had very good luck with CZ pistols and rifles. The pistols don't have crisp SA pulls normally, but they are quite usable. My guns have proven reliable and accurate.

I recently had a chance to shoot a CZ-75 and a CZ-97. The -75 had a better SA trigger pull than my BHP and the -97 was phenomenal. I would have gone out and bought a -97 the next week, but some of the members of the CZ forum http://www.unitedforums.com/cgi-bin/czf ... tion=intro are reporting problems with the -97 not always feeding reliably with anything other than ball.

I only fired ball through the -97 and was extremely impressed with its phenomenal accuracy and trigger.
I have a CZ75B, and it has been flawless for a year and a half, it's functioned with everything I've tried from hand loads to +P and never had a cough. It's extremely accurate and fun to shoot. It's definitely a "best buy", I just wish I could find some wood grips for it.
Regards SonnyD
SonnyD, Hogue makes them and you can order at


If this doesn't go through, try the main page at


and go to the on-line store. Choice of wood, smooth or checkered, etc.

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I have a CZ24 9mm kurz (.380) which was made in 1927. It was carried by the Gestapo as indicated by markings. It is a very fine weapon and easily fits the back pants pocket. My wife carries it when she thinks it might see service. It is, along with my favorite .45, a gun I will not part with.
I am still learning to like my CZ75. I am sure I hold its size against it. I love the Kadet 22 long rifle conversion kit and I really like my CZ75 PCR pistol. I like the CZ75 PCR nearly as well my Glock 19. My opinion is the Glock 19 is the most size efficient service 9mm on the market. Regards, Richard
I rework a lot of CZ pistols.It is not an easy gun to work on.
They use roll pins but they are or can be reliable. Would I buy one ? NO The parts inside look like they have been cut with a file. Suggest you remove the plate that conceals your mainspring so that your magazines will drop out. They do feel good in your hand. THERE ARE BETTER CHOICES

Teddy Jacobson / Pistolsmith
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Hello. I respectfully disagree about removing the flatspring that covers the mainspring. The magazine well internally is not flat and attempting to load the magazine quickly can result in the top of the magazine hitting a "ledge" preventing the reload at least and damaging the magazine at worst.

CZ says that the gun should not be used with the flat spring removed, but you can replace the flat spring with a "free fall spring" (their terminology).
Couple of questions on the innards:

1) Another pistolsmith mentioned that the parts are loose on
the pivots and it makes it difficult to keep critical surfaces
in alignment. From your experience does this prove to be a

2) Was this a problem more with old models or is it still a
problem with one of new manufacture if #1 is true?

3) Given the innards are rough can they be smoothed up and/or
honed to smoothness on the contact surfaces?

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On 2001-05-31 20:43, Teddy Jacobson wrote:
I rework a lot of CZ pistols.It is not an easy gun to work on.
They use roll pins but they are or can be reliable.
Given the finish inside and a person desired a CZ type gun would an EAA Witness 9mm be better?

If not and one could find one how would you rate a Springfield P9 or an AT-84 or a Magnum Research Baby Eagle?


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Some EAA Witness pistols are better than CZ75s!! What is this blasphmy? No, I have a TZ75 that will shoot rings around any CZ75 I have seen. I believe I just got lucky when I bought this pistol. In general, I feel the CZ75 line is far superior and that I was fortunate to get the TZ75 I did. Regards, Richard
Has anybody seen the new CZ G2000 (in 9mm & .40 cal). What do you think of it? There is a preview of it at http://www.defensereview.com/article.ph ... =0&thold=0. Also read in a featured article that the CZ 75 and its other caliber variants and descendants are the most underrated auto pistol of the century. wow. How true is this?

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The drop free magazine brake isn't so drop free! You need to do some sheet metal work to get it to work. First tighten up the pin holes on the top and bottom. You can tighten the top by putting a punch through it and squeezing it in a vise forming a perfect hole for the roll pin. The bottom will need to be bent up with a pair of needle nose. When you install it it should be stretched between the 2 pins. Final operation is to mark it where the grip screw holes are in the frame. Put the drop free magazine spring in the vise and bend it forward so it will form a slight "V" and have pressure against the frame. Polish with some 220 grit and crocus cloth and now it is drop free!
For reliability and accuracy...I'd choose a CZ with any Glock, H&K, Beretta, or Sig. My .02
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