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Opinions On BHP Fullhouse Project

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I thought I would pick the brains of the BHP aficionados here a little. If you were going to go all the way with a fullhouse BHP, what would be your first choice base pistol to send a pistolsmith AND why? Next, what mods would you have done AND why? Any of you that have customized BHPs, tells us what work you wished you had done and any that you regret spending the money for.

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Hello. Over the years, I've come to think that "less is more" with regard to the HP! At least on what's visible!

For me, the base gun would be a new or like new MkIII. I like the ejection port change on these pistols and they group very well out of the box in most cases. They also tend to feed JHPs much better than the older guns. The cast frame, reportedly "tougher", doesn't bother me esthetically, especially if it lasts longer!

My dream HP would likely be built by Kurt Wickmann as he has nearly 10yrs doing this while with Novaks.

My HP would be in 9mm and would have the following:

Plain black Novak fixed sights, sighted in at 25 yards with Triton 125 gr +P JHP.

Crown bbl if accuracy not up to par and if it wasn't, which I'd know before sending in, I'd have a match bbl (KKM) fitted.

Reliability check

Trigger job and removal of magazine disconnector. Trigger to break at 4lbs.

Stipple the front grip strap up to the trigger guard, but not on the bottom of trigger guard.

Stipple 1/3 the way up the back strap.

Spegel Rosewood stocks.

C&S abbreviated ball hammer.

Use the factory thumbsafety, but remove the lever on the right side of the gun.

Hardchrome all internal parts as well as trigger, bbl, safety, slide stop and pins.

Stipple (lightly) top of slide.

Cut the borders on sides of slide.

Frame and slide to be blued. Matte blue the frame and slide, but polished blue on slide flats.

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