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Opinions wanted...

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I'm looking at a USP Compact 45. Should I go stainless or HE finish? What do you guys think?
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I'd go with the stainless.

I really like the brushed look on my 45 Fullsize. It's easy to clean and tell that it is truly clean.

I just like the two tone effect.
I have a 9mm blued compact. The bluing wears like all the rest. If that is going to bother you then get the stainless one, no issues there about finish wear.

I like a worn blue job, has character to me.

BTW, the HE is not a finish. Its a steel treatment similar to glocks tenefer. The bluing will wear, but the weapons steel will still be rust resistant. The guns are blued after the HE treatment. At least thats what I believe after checking out my gun and talking to H&K guys.

if it flies it dies, if it runs it's done

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I like the HE finish on my .357Sig Comp. It has held up very nicely, 2 years and no visible wear.

I look at it a little differently, for most of my life someone else decided that we should carry basic/boring/plain black/blue guns.

I know that some guys like to "look the part" and will only choose black but I am long past my days of Walter Mitty fantasies and I have absolutely no need or desire to look "tactical" and generally try to avoid it at all costs.

Much like the fact that I no longer have to wear uniforms and can choose to wear nicely tailored clothing at my discretion, I will and do.uniform when I have the oppurtunity to choose with a better appearance I will.

I would go with the SS finish and enjoy the "upgraded" look.
Unless of course you are worried that your slide glare may give away your position when inserted behind the "imaginary line", well if that happens I am sure the old "tactical folder" :wink: will save the day.

Or perhaps the Surefire tactical flashlight could disable them.......:lol:

No offense meant to anyone, I was just venting after too much "tactical" exposure to the "make believe reality" of guns & Weapons that have been created by really great pictures and solid marketing.

Of course this assault on my intelligence occured while at the range this morning.
I should have turned off my Pro Ears so I could no longer hear the conversation of the young cops next to me, one of which went on for twenty minutes on a lecture to his pals on the stopping power advantage provided by swapping Hydra Shocks in place of his duty/issue Gold Dot ammo in his department issued S&W 4506.

Should of, could of, would of, right?
Well I didn't and it led to an hour long conversation on so many deceptively false and truly useless "tactical" facets.............

Someone once said that "experience is what you end up with when you went looking for something else".
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Stainless, easy to clean and just plain looks good. Don't have to worry about the finish wearing off either. Did I mention it just plain looks good?
Personal preference. I have 3 blue USPs and really like'em. Get the one that will get you shooting sooner :wink:

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SS is nice if you carry. I carry a .45C and a G27. After two years of daily carry - the G27 has some serious wear. The SS looks the same.
I like that two tone look, so I'd go w/ the stainless.
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