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Hi all,

Though the 1911 is my favorite pistol, and by far the most common “canvas” for customization, the previous thread “Glocks can be custom guns too” got me to thinking…

What other guns do you all consider to be a good basis for custom work?

I have always liked the idea of a custom PPK with a really nice finish. (See other thread by me)—It just has that “classy” Bond-type mystique for me.

I also have an EAA Witness 10mm that I’d like to either send out, or try to work on myself. I really like the grip and design of the gun, but the sharp edges, not-so-great sights, and trigger pull could all stand some improvement.

Other “Non-1911” pistols that I consider neat custom “canvases” include:

1. Browning Hi-Power and clones
2. CZ Pistols and clones
3. Beretta 92 Series (I have an amazing picture in my head that someday will become a reality)
4. Glock (Grip reductions, accessories, etc.—There was that “Caspian” prize glock in one of the Gun-Rags a month or two ago.)
5. Mini-Guns (Seecamps are prized, and custom Beretta Tomcats, 3032’s, 950’s, and NAA guardians have all been featured in magazines—I think they look neat)

So, What is your list of “Non-1911” custom guns?

Oh yea, and who would you have work on/build them?

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Hi S.F. Bill!
That Glaspian that was in A.H. was done by Pete Carber a Custom
Arms Company-check into his work on his 'site, because he does
a wicked Walther among others, and he's a real pleasure to deal

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I have a growing soft spot for Revolvers, which it seems in this day and age is a faster dying art then 1911 smithing.
The guns of PPC Bill Davis and recently of Power Custom are real works of art to me, even if they serve little practical purpose. Add to this perhaps Jack Weigand and Hamilton Bowen. I am sure I am leaving the biggies off but I have just started looking into revolvers...so please feel free to enlighten me.

Here is a PPC Ruger Security Six that I own. Don't see these too often, which is why I aqquired it. Great shooter, very smooth. I don't know who did the work however...


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I, too, love revolvers. In fact have had a number worked on over the years. Here are some favorites:

1) Colt Python-had a roller action tune by Walt Sherman in Tallahassee and had special trigger custom made by Jim Stroh, jeweled hammer and some other work. When done had 6 1/2 lb double action that would reliably fire a magnum primer. Single action was about 2 3/4 lb.

2) S&W 629 Mtn. Gun.-had tuned by Alan Tanaka (Gardena, CA), hammer jeweled, trigger contoured, cylinder chamfered and wound up with 7 1/4 lb double action and 2 3/4 single action that would reliably fire magnum primers.

3) S&W 625 Mtn. Gun-had a roller action tune by Walt Sherman, hammer jeweled, trigger contoured, cylinder chamfered and of course all of the above had Hogue grips some without the finger grooves.

I might note Sherman's roller action tunes all RETAIN the single action capability.

4) Colt Magnum Carry. Had the action tuned by a 'smith in Jacksonville, FL and sent to Jim Stroh to make custom patridge front sight with gold bead and custom rounded trigger a la S&W medium width trigger. The Colt version had a lot of sharp edges and a sharp tip.

Over the years had a number of others done. Would like to have a Bowen Redhawk some day. Also, it would be nice to have a Jungkind Python. It would be interesting to see a custom Dan Wesson.

In the upcoming years would really like to have a Garthwaite High Power. A fully decked out CZ would be different. The H&K P7 I think would be an interesting base. Gray back in the '80's did some interesting work on them. TJ's in Ontario, CA does some interesting things with Sigs and Berettas.

Probably some others I missed (custom Korth?)


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