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Some good news to report. I left a message here last week about a local trigger job gone bad on my Kimber Stainless Target. It developed hammer follow-through after about 600 rounds or so. I also developed an FTF problem w/SWCs, which I suspected was due to my over-greasing the pistol. The grease turned into paste in less than 100 rounds. I worked out the repair process with Dennis at Kimber's Custom Shop in a series of emails, which he always answered same-day, and one quick phone call.

I FedExed the pistol to Kimber on Monday. Dennis discussed the work to be done with me on Tuesday after the pistol's arrival in Yonkers. In addition to the repairs, I ordered a white dot front sight and a Gold Match trigger. The work was completed on Wednesday, the gun test fired Thursday (no problems noted w/the grease removed), and the Target returned home today. The workmanship looks great and trigger feels very crisp.

Big kudos to Dennis and the Custom Shop for their helpfulness, patience w/a M1911 neophyte, and great work done promptly. All the old parts were returned as well. Customer service is alive and thriving in Yonkers!

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