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Sawbones has got it. I thought the Graygun was the neatest thing I had ever seen (pictured.) He started with a P7M13 and put on a 5 inch conventionally rifled barrel for heavy cast bullets. No chamber flutes so high pressure loads couldnt't expand the case into ribs. I don't recall if he drilled a different size gas port or not. Then he welded an extension onto the nose of the slide to 6 inches from the breechface. The extra inch in front of the muzzle was an expansion chamber comp in the slide. That way, muzzle blast added to the retardation provided by the gas piston. Put on Bomar sights, long before Aimpoints came in, and did as much of a grip reduction as possible on the widebody squeezecocker. Must have been appreciable, the article said a top lady shooter used one. Loaded to 9mm Major while that was allowed.
The last I saw of Bruce Gray, he was the author of the text in the Laser Cast loading manual. No idea if he is still gunsmithing.
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