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I recently purchased a second-hand 14-45.

I am quite concerned by the information I read in this website:

1911 Magazine Analysis: Following Up

If I understood correctly, the Para magazines are causing slide burrs (or at least some of the Para magazines - they might have made some amendments since then - I really don't know).

I also read that in some cases, the slide fails to lock open (after the last round has been ejected) - supposedly due to faulty magazine springs and followers.

I found many opinions regarding after-market magazines for the Para 14-45.
Some shooters recommend Wilson Combat or Mec-Gar mags, others recommend sticking with the original Para magazines, this is really confusing.

My pistol's reliability is extremely important since I carry it for self-defense.
Any advice pertaining to this issue would be highly appreciated.


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My advice is to do a good test fire to see if any problems show up.

While you've read some things on the 'net, this doesn't mean you may have the problems.
The only way to really be sure about something like this is to test fire, preferably with the same ammo you intend to use in the gun.

This can get expensive, since a good reliability and function qualification test usually requires at least 100 rounds, better 200.
Shooting a reliability test with some other, cheaper ammo tells you nothing about how THAT ammo is going to work in THAT gun with THOSE magazines.

The test is conducted by first giving the gun AND the magazines a thorough cleaning and proper lubrication.
Then you take the gun and all magazines to the range, and spend an afternoon shooting at least 100 rounds.
Use all the magazines equally, and stick some tape on them and number them so a bad mag will be apparent.

Always fully load the gun with a full mag and one in the chamber.
Shoot the gun in as many ways as you can, from slow fire to rapid fire, allowing the slide to lock open each time.
Fire a couple of shots, put the safety on, put the safety off and fire the rest, etc. If your range allows it, tilt the gun on either side and fire a couple of rounds.
Shoot some with both hands, and some with one hand.
The idea is to test the gun in as many different situations as possible.
It should fire all the test rounds with NO...ZERO problems.

At the end of the test, strip the gun and inspect closely for any unusual wear or damage.

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Thank you

Thanks a lot for the advice.

I am planning to shoot around 100 rounds this week.

I am quite obsessive about cleanliness and always maintain my firearms in a near pristine condition.

As mentioned in my previous post, I read in various forums that shooters often complain about the PO magazines (badly designed followers, weak springs, etc.)

I am trying to find out if there is some kind of consensus about this thing and if PO 14-45 owners tend to prefer a specific brand (Mec-Gar, Wilson, etc.) or if most shooters stick with the PO magazines.

In any case, I will update this thread as soon as I get an opportunity to check out the 14-45 at the range (hopefully will not get any slide burrs...)

Thanks again

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