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Para frame

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I bought a Para in July `93 that was then considered their "new" frame. To me it was a big improvement over the first frame they sold. Is this still the frame style they are using or have they made changes to improve the size and feel of their frame?
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Is the front strap on yours serrated or smooth?
serrated frontstrap

I don`t have the handgun now. I was thinking about trying another Para-Ord if it had been improved from the frame I had.

I have one from the late 90`s.It feels a bit slimmer than the old ones but not enough to really make a difference.
I felt the same way about the grip compared to the first one. Better but not a big differance. I think I will stay with my single stacks.
Having shot both frames I think the new ones are a fairly big improvement. Not only is it a bit slimmer but the edges are more rounded and it just is easier to get a good grip.
For those having problems with the 'fat grip' Paras, you might consider replacing the standard Para trigger with a shorter unit.

I found much concentration was needed on proper placement of my trigger finger with the standard trigger to consistently shoot the Para accurately. After installing the short trigger, I find it much easier to switch between the Para and single-stack guns and shoot both gunns well.

I installed the Gun Craft short trigger, Brownell's part number 376-100-010, page 103 of catalog 53.

Highly recommended for short fingers (like mine)and the fat grips of double-stack Paras.
On 2001-10-26 11:50, 38 Super Combat Commander wrote:
Is the front strap on yours serrated or smooth?
So, which is the new frame?
i bought my steel 14-45 a few years ago new.
it has the serations on it. i put a hogue wrap around grip on it, it feels pretty good.
The new ones don`t have serrasions.At least the ones I have seen.
I believe the P series doesn't have the serration, but the Limited does.
i don't know what your definition of new & old are. but mine is :
the older ones have a wider grip to them.
the newer style has the revised thinner grip.

if the grip on mine was any thinner it would be too weak to be trustworthy.

mine has the front grip serations. its about -5+ years old.
Jes AR15,

Thanks for correcting my post. :smile:

I had vaguely remembered shooting a range rental P14.45 that had a smooth front strap. I guess I was mistaken.

FWIW my 3 month old P16 Ltd is serrated.
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