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Para Ord Companion Article

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I enjoy my Para 14-45 Limited and have been interested in the LDA trigger for sometime. I read the article on this gun in the Guns&Ammo Annual and I am real interested. Anyone have any experince or comments with one?

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Para Ord Companion

I shot a Para Ord Companion last week. What a nice Pistol! Extremely thin and highly concealable. It shot like a dream. At 7 yards, I put six shots through one enlarged hole. The cone barrel seems to hold down the nose of the gun so there was very little muzzle jump. Overall, I was extremely impressed.

Best Wishes, Mark Shuell.
I recently purchased a Para Companion (c745s) LDA. This is a 3.5" barrel .45.

I wanted a carry gun that had grip safety, thumb safety, but didn't have such a crappy double action pull like all the DA guns out there.

That's what you get with the LDA trigger. You get grip safety, thumb safety of 1911 guns, yet you carry with hammer down. Racking the slide cocks the gun so the trigger is about 4-5lbs (but hammer stays down).

It's a cross between glock safe action and 1911. I have no problems with the trigger at all, super smooth (I don't like glock triggers as much).

I have had a Para Companion for about 3 weeks now. I absolutely love it. I have been really amazed at the accuracy. I had a Para 16.40 LDA Limited and I didn't like it nearly as much. So far the only things I don't really like are aesthetic items (the slide lock, hammer, and barrel bushing are a cast material and are a little "gold" in appearance instead of stainless).

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. :p
i basically stole a NIB Stainless 14.45 LDA Ltd a few weeks ago, it was mis-marked at $699! i have to say that it's a great feeling trigger. it took 2 range outings for me to get used to the trigger, due to the longer reset than my Glock or P99, but i'm in love with it now. at the 2nd outing, i was shooting it against my favorite Glock (modified G34) and actually out shot the Glock at 25yrds.
Does the guide rod of your Companion keep coming loose? I looked at it closely and in the threads there is a hole that seems to be filled with nylon???
Guide Rod

So far, my guide rod is fine. I haven't examined it very closely when I have it apart, but I don't remember anything on the trhreads. One thing is for sure. This thing is not the easiest pistol to field strip. I don't want to have it apart too often!
I've gotten used to taking it down - do it after every shooting session. Broke the wrench it came with though - the instructions aren't quite rigth on takedown.

Anyway, next time you have the guide rod out would you please take a close look at the threads on it and see if you see a 3 mm hole that seems to be dull (right in the threads). Looks filled with nylon like a nylon insert might be used to keep it from unscrewing.

Would like to know if anyone else has this.

Guide Rod

Hey Nick-

Yes my guide rod does have the hole like yours. It is very hard to see without really looking closely. I love this thing. Since I am so fond of carrying what I own, I like the smaller models. I'm seriously considering a S&W Shorty Forty 2000. .40 S&W is my favorite caliber and Para doesn't make the Companion in .40 (yet anyway). By the way, I talked to customer service and they said that they were working on the 9mm version of the Companion.

Thanks for looking Bubba, at least I know I don't have a mutant rod :) Still comes loose after a few rounds. Maybe I just need to really tighten down hard on it.

I've got folded business cards as shims between my grips and the frame to keep the grips from loosening up now - it was the only solution without filing the grip screws. I'm still looking for replacement grips.

When things calm down I may call Para and ask for help.

The guide rod plug or end has finished peeling now, thank goodness.

One thing I noticed - does yours do this?

If I have 7 in the magazine, and load the mag into the gun, then charge the gun, it is very hard to pull the mag back out. The top round is pressing forward and keeps the mag from sliding out, I have to pry it pretty hard. No other pistol I own does this. And it's not the grip screws. When you get the mag out you can see the top round is forward to the edge of the mag.

To a certain extent, my magazine is a little hard to get out after 1 round is chambered. My new mags from Wilson Combat are a little better. I got the Officer's Model mags with the Slim Profile base plate on them. They look good, too. My guide rod threads aren't peeling.

See ya
Hey Quack-

I had a 1640 LDA and now have a Para Companion (C745). You mentioned the longer reset on the 1445..... try the Companion, it's better.

Ah - thanks for the info. I bought 3 factory mags, they all have the same problem with release after 1st round loaded (as does the original that came with the gun).

It's not a big deal as I only do charge and release at IDPA.

My guide rod threads aren't peeling, as it is stainless. The part it screws into is what was peeling (and has now finished peeling).

Not a big deal.
Cool Nick. I'd still like to have a couple parts like the slide stop replaced. That goldish color just doesn't look as good as the stainless

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