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Is the Para a good base gun?

Well, I have had a P12 and a P13 for 5 years and I have a total of 6 malfs between them in .45acp with about 7500-10000 digested (and maybe 750 in 400 CorBon for the P12 which had a TIGHT BarSto barrel that required a little break in period).

The blue frames are sorta UGLY and they are prone to scratching and oxidizing quickly, at least mine have proven to be so.

I like my Paras and tote 'em often. I just had a P16 (duo-tone no more blued frames for me! :grin:) converted to 10mm with an Ed Brown barrel and I couldn't be happier.

I think Dane and the others here will give a more "pro" look at the pistol and the ins and outs of what the Paras.

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