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Previous Para expierience?

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My wife recently bought me a Para X LDA 1911 .45.
I went to a local Gunsmith, (or should I say, local guy who calls himself a gunsmith, but doesn't actually do anything to guns) and he had ZERO answers to any of my questions.
I wanted to put a 6" threaded barrel on it, so I can add an 'on barrel' muzzle break. When asking him about barrels, manufacturers, compensators, he seemed to only have one answer. "Internet'. WOW! Thanks dick.
So, not pretending I know what I am talking about, where can I get a good quality, 6" threaded barrel that will fit my pistol? (The "internet" I was so intelligently referred to is a complete wash of useless information unless you really know what you're talking about.)
Can anyone help? Not just a general brand name, but the actual barrel I will need. I've been searching for days and am still just as clueless as when I started.
Thank you in advance!!!!! :confused:

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My understanding is that PARA sold out to Remington Arms, who late last year quit producing the PARA line of guns. I do not know of any after market company that is producing barrels for the PARA's. You may be out of luck.
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