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Trading with the enemy is illegal in all wars. But, apparently, not in the "War on Guns." Just
ask PayPal.

Look at any firearms sale board and you'll find vendor after vendor who does business with
the enemy and who makes you do business with the enemy too. When Citibank and Bank of
America tried this, a GUN OWNER BOYCOTT stopped their discrimination against the
LEGAL sale of firearms and accessories. PayPal needs to suffer the same backlash from gun
vendors and gun owners. PayPal can be contacted at:
No phone number listed on their web site.
No address given on their web site.
But you can contact them through their web site as follows:
To contact our Customer Service
Department, login to your PayPal
account, return to the Help
Center, and select the "Contact
Us" link.
Or use : [email protected]

Why do so many in the Firearms Trade insist that their customers deal with this company that
HATES firearms but loves liquor and fireworks. The PayPal policy cannot be based on the
existence of complex federal, state or local regulations because liquor sales have those nor
can it be based on mailing restrictions or possibility of injury because fireworks have those,

Why pay money to people who hate you?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
PayPal Shops > Help & Resource Center > Allowable Goods and Services Guidebook

Allowable Goods and Services Guidebook for PayPal Shops
* * *

Shopkeepers who sell firearms or explosives will be DISQUALIFIED from listing in PayPal
Shops. Any item that is designed to propel a metal (or similar) projectile is covered by this
policy. Exceptions to this rule include collectible, curio & relic, and antique firearms, as
well as archery supplies.

Firearms-related items that are not permitted include silencers,
converters (any item which can convert a firearm to have automatic capability), short
barrels, and KITS (any kit that can be used to create a firearm). HIGH CAPACITY
MAGAZINES and ammunition with propellant cannot be listed. Blank ammunition is not

* * *

Regulated Goods & Services

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

The sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are highly regulated and taxed within
the United States. In some states sellers of alcoholic beverages must be licensed; in all states
sellers of alcohol and tobacco must take steps to ensure that they do not sell their products to
minors. It is illegal for individuals to ship these products to a willing adult buyer in some

Sales of these items are highly regulated at the federal, state and local levels of government
with laws that are complex and often difficult to interpret. For example, a seller may legally
sell a fine collectible wine to a user in one state, but if the buyer resides in a different state
that transaction might not be legal.

For this reason, PayPal expects each seller of alcohol, wine, beer, or tobacco products to be
AWARE of the licensing requirements and other legalities of sale of these products and to
COMPLY with the laws concerning their sale within their state and other states that may be
involved in the sale. Of course, sale of these items must not be made to minors.
* * *

Fireworks are heavily regulated or banned in many states and
countries; postal regulations prohibit the transmission of these items via the postal system.
Sellers must ABIDE BY the laws of the state or country they reside in or sell to.
http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cm ... de-outside

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I`m not all clear on what your saying here ?

PayPal deciding to limit use in PP Internet Shops, due to their unwillingness to be at risk in Interstate Firearms transfers between non- FFL`s is no different then EBays.

Many FFL`s with retail operations take PayPal on the Auction Sites as well over the phone.

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Quite frankly...you scared the crap outta' me with your opening statement!

...but I'm with Blackie...what is it exactly, that you're trying to say?
I want to understand. Help me out here...?

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I'd me more curious to know if they donate any money to ANTI gun causes, like Levi Strauss and K-Mart do :wink:

Wanna have some fun at K-Mart? Go in there and buy a pack of gum every week with your credit card, and make them eat the CC transaction fee. It aint much, but it sure makes ME feel better :grin:

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