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Here are some results I got from a recent shooting session. Any thoughts as to why the unusual results? Or, are they unusual?
The scene: Upper Nevada Desert
The Gun: Colt Gov w/Ed Brown Match Barrel
The Distance: 10-15 yds
The media: Grocery bag stuffed with newspapers until 8" thick. Then 1 gallon of water poured onto papers. Left 10 minutes to soak.
The ammo: All handloaded W231 5.4gr
200 gr Western SWC coppper plated
200 gr Rainier HP Copper plated
230 gr Rainier RN Copper Plated
The results:
200 gr SWC 6" penetration
230 gr RN 5" penetration
200 gr HP 4" penetration
Little bullet distortion on the SWC's and about 60% of the HP's expanded or deformed. Any thoughts about all this?
Thanks, Walt

One note if I can mention is that with newspaper testing. The key is that the newspaper needs to really soak to give consistent expansion results.
As to your penetration numbers they are very close and without knowing the velocities I would speculate that they are about 800-900fps given your penetration results.

The rainier is a fairly poor performer in the real world and I believe that is why their were frequent failures to stop with the early Triton Hi-Vel loads, the rainier and most of the common 200gr JHPs perform well in the 1,000 fps and above range.

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