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Pics! Camo slide

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I was in a hurry this afternoon, and decided to rewrite this post.
Pictured below is a slide that came into my shop this afternoon, from another smith, for some machine work.
I thought some of you might find it interesting.
Its done in '4 Color Desert Camo', Moly Gun Kote, onto a base of MilSpec Manganese Phosphate, by:
Veal Custom Gunworks
Cave Creek, AZ

If interested, I'd suggest contacting them directly, or:
Nelson Ford
"The Gunsmith"

I'll ask Veal to send me some pics of an assembled 1911 in the above pattern, as well as a pic of his '2 Color Tiger Stripe' !!

The longer this slide sits on my bench, the more I kinda like it.


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Now THAT is what I need to wear when I go to court in the big cities :smile:

Very cool Chuck.
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