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Worth a look, especially if the price is good.

Got some very good prices on 40 ammo, 165 JHP/FMJ, 155/180 Starfire (SF), bought a bunch.

So far, so good. Comparable to any "premium" stuff I've shot from Win, Rem, Fed, Speer. Accurate and reliable, small ES/SD, velocity close to specs, looks good fired into jugs of water (bare and through denim).


155SF/1130(1160) 2/.89
180SF/975(985) 3/.79, 4/.79 (denim)
165JHP/985(1040) 4/.66 (denim)

The SF loads have sealed case mouths and primers, nickel cases.

From a Ruger carbine, the SF loads got as big as an inch, never fragmented, never lost the jacket. I hear they have been tweaked for more penetration just recently (this was current stuff).

I know the 45SF I tried did not expand after denim at all (didn't for the FBI either). I know some pistol hunters who swear by the 44 Mag SF load though. Heard of some problems w early 40 ammo (but same for Fed, Rem, Speer, Win: Sheriffs dept here had some kBs w Rem 165 UMC/GS ammo for example).

Would be interested to know if anybody else has tried it, what they think?
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