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Since it's come up (here and on 1911forums) I looked up teh prices for a few comparable models of 1911's. So as not to spoil anything, I'm just posting comparison's, not the actual dealer prices;

Base Model;
(no Kimber of this style)
Colt 1991 is higher than Springifled Milspec by$48.

Blued model;
(Colt has no blued model currently in this area)
Kimber Custom Classic is higher than Springfield Loaded by $8

Stainless Model;
Springfield Loaded is cheapest.
Add $43 for the Kimber Custom Stainless
Add $48 to the Kimber to get a Colt XSE.

So, Springfield is always cheaper, but not by very much. It does of course depend on features you're looking for.
The 1991 has the 80 series parts, but I'm pretty sure a customized Colt will add ore than $50 to a custom gun's end value. That's not including the work to make the SA more mil-spec. As well, the current 1991's have a stainless barrel.

If you're building a higher end gun, I'd buy the XSE for the undercut trigger guard (which Colt does best) and for the much nicer IMO rollmarking.
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